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  • Member: melezov
  • Studio: Anime 42
  • Title: Jedi
  • Premiered: 2004-06-15
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    • Postolar 3pper Tuzzna Pricca o Selu (The Sad Village Story)
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  • Comments: This AMV is my first born child after a TOO_GOD_DAMN_LONG break which I had to take...

    Since currently it's only available with Croatian subtitles, you won't understand much by watching it... But I hope that you will have fun nevertheless :D

    I'm currently in the process of creating decent english subtitles, but that could and will take a while.

    Some lyrics are just so painful to translate that I'm not sure if I'm ever going to make it...
    Like the scene with Xellos over the fire... "Da se nisi ni u ludilu pojavije kad buden peka"
    Would roughly translate to
    "Not even in a demented state of mind should you appear before me whilst I'm frying the meat"...

    As I said tough.

    In any case, the song is telling a sad tale about extasy and other drugs slowly creeping in one village. The peasants are starting to use drugs to improve their physical preformance in the crop fields... The main character is telling you to stay off the drugs and use Janjetina instead. (Janjetina is roughly translatible as Meat-of-Lamb or Lambchop)

    Chorus goes something like this:

    Who? What? - Lambchop!
    To Whom? To What? - To me! (It's mine)
    With who? With What? - With young onions!

    Now... this is especially difficult to translate because English language doesn't have all the verb tenses used. Without them, this whole chorus loses it's meaning...

    In any case, you can at least review the editing and the emotion-sync, cos I spent a lot of time on choosing (and creating) the clips required by the singer's voice. This was especially difficult regarding how I wanted Lina and Gourry to stay out of the AMV for as much as possible. Okie, enough with the chatter, on with the show!

    [ (HQ) XVID MPEG4, 1620 kbps (VBR), 23.976 fps ][ MP3 44.1 kHz 160 CBR ]

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