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  • Member: anguisette
  • Studio: jealousghost productions
  • Title: It's About Time
  • Premiered: 2004-06-01
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    • Will Bowen It's About Time
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  • Comments: *I put a lot of work into this AMV and I love this video. I don't have much to work with but I try. I made this to "It's About Time" by Will Bowen, a local artist. The radio station I worked at didn't like his music, but I loved it. And I thought this song fit perfectly with the InuYasha and Kagome vs. Kikyou love theme of the show.

    *SPOILERS! There is a MASSIVE spoiler in this video

    *The words...
    "It's about time you finally give me a sign" - Well it *is* about time InuYasha let Kagome know he loves her, right?
    "You say you are content as a rich man's trophy wife" - I like how I set this up. It's like he's sitting up in the tree lecturing down to her. I wanted to put a Kouga clip in here, but I opted to leave it about the original love triangle.
    "And I know that there is so much more just hiding deep inside" - I set this up for Inu to stare intently at Kagome. Like he's looking for, or trying to understand, what she wants from him and her feelings for him.
    "If you could see yourself about 20 years from now" - Kagome has just seen Inu and Kikyou together. She's upset and thinking about the future; he'll be with Kikyou and she'll be all alone.
    "You might just wonder how all your dreams got swept aside" - Then through it all he thinks of her...
    "Along with all your pride" - Inu turned full demon! gasp!
    "It's about time you finally give me a sign" - she's asleep and he's thinking about giving up Kikyou for her.
    "You say that I've got no clue..." - Kagome in the cherry blossoms looking all happy and oblivious to what InuYasha's gone through. It's also her telling him that she understands, but he needs to move on and she'll be there for him.
    "...played all of those mean games" - I was going to put in a clip of Kagome and her stupid school friends, but again, I wanted to keep it focused on the couple.
    "The only thing I have to say is... it's about time" - hell yes it's about time. I'll let you check this one out on your own >_<
    "It's about time..." - he's finally putting the memory of Kikyou to rest. I'll stop describing it here...

    *In my AMV, Kagome and InuYasha are very much in love but he can't deny his feelings for Kikyou. Just watching it makes me feel their tortured love!I am massively anti-Kikyou. Why? Not because she's a big dumb head or some lovely reason like that. I don't like her because she is all the hate that the Kagome/Kikyou soul had (read the manga, people!). And InuYasha still has feelings for her but she just keeps trying to kill him and hurt Kagome. I understand the Naraku tragedy and all, but geez. Stay dead, biotch!

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