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  • Member: nir085
  • Title: Requiem for an Image
  • Premiered: 2004-06-14
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    • Noriyuki Asakura Overture
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  • Comments: This is a tribute I made to the armed peasant group in the Rurouni Kenshin series who were betrayed by the Ishin Shishi. It actually focuses more on Sanosuke and Katsu than Sagara and the rest (not enough scenes to do otherwise), but their actions were based on what happened to the Sekihou Tai and because of their extreme loyalty to the group.

    The Sekihou Tai did exist in real life history during the Meiji Era in Japan. No one knows how Sagara Souzo really looked like nor does anyone know of his thoughts on the abolishment of social classes, but he was decapitated and his unit, as well as all the Sekihou Tai units, were massacred and labeled as traitors.

    Like my other AMVs, the video quality is not all I thought it would be...but oh well. I may replace it later, don't count on it though because I still think that this AMV conveys the message.

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