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  • Member: TFO-Kun
  • Studio: Studio-Pink
  • Title: Medieval Ashram-sama
  • Premiered: 2002-04-24
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    • Blizzard Entertainment I'm a Medieval Man
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  • Comments: Ashram-sama! Wai!
    Yep that's right I used some old-skool anime here, err...
    Well not that old but you get the idea. Anyway, this idea fully came about when my brain had fizzled from staying up late and I was listening to some game music, when a certain Blizzard Entertainment (makers of StarCraft and Diablo II) song played. "Medieval Man" from an earlier Blizzard game called WarCraft II. Suddenly the idea was fully conceived, the song was to be about Ashram from "Record of Lodoss War". Must've been the sleep depreivation ;). The funny thing was that I couldn't get it out of my head. I felt was wasting time everytime I was in bed. It had to be done, so much was at stake, my ability to sleep well again.

    I started work on "Medieval Ashram-sama", not very long after "your Best Shot" and looked over the available source. I wanted to make it look kinda old and retaining the seriousness of Ashram. So the obvious choice was the OVA series (the one without Spackle er Spark).

    After timing the beats, writing down lyrics and finding scenes of Ashram. I wanted to use every episode with Ashram in this, but there was a lot more source in 13 episodes than I realized. I had to make a difficult choice on what to keep and what to cut out. I quickly slapped together a third of the song in about 2 weeks putting in 1-3 hours of work each time, all done around midnight. What's sleep to an AMV editor anyways?

    But there is even more, school had become a issue to me (school papers) and had to use my computer for school instead of working on the video. After I finished that, I began my sleep deprived ways again and got to fixing up some of the scenes I didn't like, look carefully I bet you can still see the old clips I used. Anyway, on with development log.

    I am especially proud to the fact that the fading used seemed to work very well with the song. Which allowed me to use many clips of Ashram in his glory or something like that. Then there was the whole custom made intro game animation I did for the video, which I'm soo happy with and took too painstakingly long. If you played the game, you'll appreciate what I did. If I could release my high quality you could see that I had redrawn the little guy to actually look like Ashram. Another part I'm proud of was a scene where I redid the outline of Ashram was to be overlayed on Karla, it took about 4 hours to cut around 15 frames of Ashram to make the background transparent and converted the frames back into the AMV. More sleep depreivation.

    Just playing around with various effects, I stuck in some cheesy effects along the video to make it even more strange. But hey, I don't care, I was having fun. The last part of the song I couldn't decide how to end the video. Comparing Ashram and Pirotess' death scene and Ashrams final strike against Waganard (or Bakanado, is what I called that power hunger wizard). *sigh* The choices we make...

    Finally, there was the fun of playing around with Ashram, Parn, Deedlit, the monsters and of course Pirotess. After spending about 3 months working on it, during the middle of the night, every other day or so, with school, I finally finished it. Just sit down and enjoy the product of sleep depreivation, for I don't care if you like or not. Because I had fun making it and I can get some real sleep finally, G'night -.- zzzzzz....

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