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  • Member: Hex
  • Title: Pax Deorum
  • Premiered: 2001-09-21
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    • Enya Pax Deorum
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    Please take a moment to give your opinion on this video. I value the input of others. It helps maintain my sense of what fans enjoy. Thanks for viewing my work!

    |Anime Weekend Atlanta 7, September 2001
    | - Best Horror (Pro Awards)
    |Middle Tennessee Anime Convention 2½, November 2001
    | - Best Drama

    - Mac G4
    - Sony Media Converter
    - JVC SVHS VCR Model HR-S3600U

    - Final Cut Pro 1.2
    - Adobe Photoshop 4.0
    - Tsunami MPEG Encoder


    This video idea came together because of my absolute awe at watching the “Pet Shop of Horrors” (PSoH) DVD and a later review of one of my favorite Enya CDs. I realized that eerie, pensive mood of “PsoH” was hauntingly echoed in Enya’s “Pax Deorum” while driving one overcast, wet afternoon on the way home from work. Most of my creative ideas (for videos as well as short stories) come to me while driving in my car listening to musical scores to some of my favorite movies or to atmospheric music with non-English lyrics.

    The concept is complicated, but hopefully evident during the viewing. There are four different stories portrayed on the “PSoH” DVD in four separate chapters. I tried to tell all four stories at once, cyclically, while pacing the music and lyrics, which are primarily presented in rounds of four. The horror of the four stories escalates with the crescendos in the music, and it is my hope that even a person who has never seen the show would still be able to follow all four individual stories as they build throughout the video. I also included many scenes of Count D’s eyes, which give a bit of reflection for the viewer to take a moment and digest the actions of the characters as they bring the horrors upon themselves through their own actions and innermost hidden desires.

    I feel the most powerful moments in the video are the scene with the mermaid attacking her lover and the water swirling with blood as the music reaches it’s peak crescendo, as well as the end of the video, which levels off to a somber ending of Count D in the moonlight. Many of the quieter, more pensive moments early in the video are emotionally moving too.

    So now it's your turn to tell me what you think of it. *^_^* I truly hope you enjoy it and that it moves you as much as it moved me to create it. Thank you.

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