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  • Member: DaBigLizard
  • Title: Guld tribute
  • Premiered: 2000-05-01
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    • Cake The Distance
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  • Comments: This is my tribute to Guld Goa Bowman, the YF-21 pilot from Macross Plus. I always liked his character archtype better
    than the standard anime hero, because he was the one who aspired to honor and nobility, and that makes his fall from
    grace all the much more dramatic. If you're the type of person who watches Mac Plus and says: 'hey cool, giant robots &
    space fights", than you might not 'get' my video. If you actually watch anime for things like story, character development,
    and plot, than you might think it's kinda cool.

    Technically, this is not a very complicated video. It's my first, will be in the AMV contests of Shoujocon and Otakon 2001
    (if they make the cut). With the original version I made the mistake of putting it on Hawaii's server for ten miniutes, and
    now it's all over the internet. The footage was ripped from the DVDs, with a couple seconds snatched from the Movie Edition.
    (THANKS MABOROSHI!!!) I used Adobe Premiere 5.1 for everything except the MPEG encoding. I'm wan't happy with the
    resoultion (It was capped at 320 x 240) and it needed a bumper and credits, but otherwise it's pretty close to it's new form.

    The new video was capped at 720x480, and encoded once as DIVX full rez, and once at Indeo at 240x180. The reason I
    made the small version was so I could edit it in Adobe without killing someone (Divx can be deathly annoying to cut and paste)
    The new version also contains my bumper (Designed by the lovely and Talented Kathy Nielson) and end credits so I don't
    get frowned at by the guys from Manga video.

    Anybody with questions, comments, or free hentai ftp sites, feel free to drop me a line at
    (Is'nt that the BEST email addy!!!)


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