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  • Member: Herbert West
  • Title: Punisher Trailer
  • Premiered: 2004-06-07
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    • Trailer Punisher
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  • Comments: This Teaser was a little fun project i started while working on another AMV. Since i've seen El Hazard for the first time i thought that Mr. Fujisawa is ther perfect Punisher but at that time i had never heard of AMVs. When i saw the first trailer of the new Punisher movie the idea of making an AMV trailer began to work in my head but the trailers i've seen were too long for just a fun video. Two weeks ago i've found a 1min teaser that had the perfect length for what i had in mind.

    The language of the trailer is german but i think the few lines of text are not that important to understand what's going on.

    Not much to say about technical things, most of the stuff is good old editing with fades to black or white. I have removed some characters from Fujisawas scenes, because the punisher has to be alone ;-) The scene with the camera blur has another background than the original because it wouldn't match the previous scene that wasn't in a building. A bit difficult for me was the part with the "Herbert West" text instead of the Marvel logo, i stil don't know how to use keying techniques to combine 3 video layers - The text, the running princess and the moving stuff behind the text.

    Have fun! :)

    BTW if you were wondering why it lists Tenchi for source footage - the breaking window is from Tenchi ;-)

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