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  • Member: Rebus_Valstay
  • Studio: Night Eyes Productions
  • Title: Lament
  • Premiered: 2001-11-26
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    • Chicane Saltwater (Mothership Remix)
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  • Comments: 13.April/2002: 1.Final uploaded to my server. Unless a total revamp is done in the distant future this'll be the last update to the video.
    Maybe it was a long bout of depression that started this video, maybe it wasn't. The purpose of this video was to point out that certain characters in anime are very complex entities. Like people they often have many personas that are layered on top of each other until you get a mask of what that person really is. Each of the characters portrayed in this video had an aspect that few, if any, of the characters in their series ever saw or understood. Often this persona remains hidden and acts as a plot device for a character in the show, but in reality a person usually hides this aspect from everyone else around them. Society usually dictates that we act a certain way whether it be for religious purposes or for functionality.
    Anyway, Lament is the first video that I completed and its flaws should be very apparent because this was more of a learning experience than anything. Perhaps in due time I'll redo this video in order to improve the video quality and timing issues. The theme of this video isn't the creation of emotions through tragedy, instead it is merely is release of emotions and, as the title suggests, lament.

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