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  • Member: Otohiko
  • Title: RPBP: The Assumption of Innocence
  • Premiered: 2004-06-04
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    • King Crimson Einstein's Relatives
    • King Crimson Happy Banana Tuna
    • Robert Fripp UGM Japan TV Interview [Oct. 8, 2002]
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  • Comments: [Update 6.Nov.2004]

    The video has won the 'Most Original' award at the AC3 AMV contest!

    If you happened to have attended (as I did, sort of incognito...), I'd really like to extend my gratitude to the audience for the generous and well-spirited response!



    This is a King Crimson experiment so... this is a King Crimson experiment. We are attempting to see if King Crimson humor is funny to the other people, while poking pointed sticks at the AMV community. And bananas.

    This is also the second installment of the RPBP series, featuring a medley of 'music tracks', set this time to KareKano.

    The RPBP series (known formerly as 'The Recycled Penis Boobies ProjeKct') continually challenges the limits of editing irresponsibility while actually creating some startling works of originality.


    Um. Yea.

    Much as the first video, I'm sure you'll find this one retarded.

    BUT! May I appeal to you with... Lip Sync! That's right! Along with the prominent floating, multicolored bananas.

    Among other things, this video will surely start a new genre craze, 'Videos to awkward conversations between people most of you probably don't know' combined with the no less original 'Characters openly discussing digital effects editing solutions on screen'

    Don't take this video too seriously, and you'll enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed making it.


    More technical detail below...


    [Interview: Robert Fripp, King Crimson's guitarist, being interviewed by a young Japanese woman at UGM TV offices, Tokyo]

    Robert Fripp: If you - if you weren't looking at these notes, if you had a burning question... something that was a very real question for you - on fire - what would your question be?
    TV Interviewer: I am more interested in your life as an artist, something that obviously you've gone much more through than... everything much more than I have gone through, you have seen much more than I have not yet seen or... will never see...
    RF: That gives you an advantage.
    TV: Uh-huh.
    RF: Cause you can see things without history.
    TV: Right
    RF: The... You either have innocence, or the assumption of innocence. It's - you lose your virginity once - does that mean that your life, effectively, has ended?
    TV: I hope not! (nervous laugh)
    RF: So, the other is the assumption of innocence within a context of experience. How 30 or 40 years later do you have that same sense of discovery, of going beyound what is known and what is conditioned?
    TV: Hmm.
    RF: And this is the assumption of innocence within a context of experience. And this is mastery. And in between is professionalism and professionalism is not enough. It is, however, also neccesary.
    TV: How did you manage to balance the irony?
    RF: The quick answer is... You get up each day; your feet hit the ground; you say 'Hello God!' - whatever God might be for you; and your day begins with intention and definition. Then at the end of the day, before you go to bed, before the head hits the pillow, you say 'Goodnight God!' - whatever God might be for you; and so your day ends with certainty and definition.
    TV: (awkward silence)
    RF: That's the beginning.
    TV: That's the beginning.
    RF: That's the beginning.
    TV: And... the continuation of that?
    RF: Yes. It never stops.
    TV: *sigh* It never stops.
    RF: Until we stop breathing.
    TV: And even then, it matters.

    [Music track from 2:12 to 4:26 - Happy Banana Tuna. Features voice samples from the above interview and some barely-audible band chatter later. The distinctive voices are: guitarist Robert Fripp, guitarist/vocalist Adrian Belew, and Warr Guitarist/bassist Trey Gunn]

    (from 3:05)

    Adrian Belew: Nor have I ever eaten a banana. Nor have I ever eaten a banana. Nor have I ever eaten a banana.
    AB: Nor have I ever eaten a banana.en a banana.en a banana.en a banana.en a banana.
    Nor have I ever eaten a banana.

    (from 4:05)
    AB: Yea baby!
    Trey Gunn: Uh, four bars, four bars and two, two at the front... OK.
    Robert Fripp: One at the front!
    TG: OK.
    RF: One at the front!
    TG: OK.
    RF: WaWaWaOne at th!
    TG: Well, they've chang... *sigh*
    RF: Has it gone back again?
    TG: I guess so...
    RF: Alright.
    TG: OK.
    AB: Nope. Whwaw'w'w'w'w'w'w wha we'll play two and then we can just use one.
    RF: Alright.
    AB: We can just use one.
    RF: Alright.

    [Music track from 4:26 to end - Einstein's Relatives. Words by same people as above]

    Adrian Belew: Happy with what you have to be happy with you have to be happy with what you have to be happy with what you have you have to be happy with what you have to be happy with!

    AB: Well, we're already done, we've been playing for more than an hour...
    TG: Actually, we would've been last night.
    AB: A-oh! OH! OoOoOooh!...


    RPBP, formerly known as the 'Recycled Penis Boobies ProjeKct', a title I dropped while retaining the acronym, was forged when my ProjeKct Penis, a clever parody banner to counter the presently-non-existent but much-hyped Project Penis which was touted in many people's forum signatures merged with J-0080 Project Recycle, a similarly parodying banner, and Veldrin's mysterious Boobies flagship.

    The result was touted in many people's signature until the stupid video showed up. I thank the participants of the prank immensely!

    This video is the result partly of 1 day in May when a stupid idea jumped into my head, and I went ahead and mixed an audio track out of these three masterpieces. I never thought I'd actually make a video as retarded as that, so I let it slip. But the audio track, mixed together in a Premiere project, stayed....
    This is where the other part came in. I had a bad case of editors' block combined with a perceived neccesity to overcome it in the first days of June. I also picked up a cold virus somewhere the previous weekend. So, my judgement diluted, I thought I'd try something for practice before embarking on my more serious KareKano project... thought I'd just do the interview part....

    ...and now we're here. The RPBP designation, the only way I could justify this video's existence, came into play mid-editing.

    Source information:

    KareKano - I'm sure you've at least heard of it. My favorite anime series, a wonderful highschool romance/drama/comedy anime by Gainax.
    However, the angle I took I'd consider original. 3 main areas of interest mostly dismissed by other KareKano videos: 1) Asapin (the comic-relief, funky bishounen best friend figure) 2) Kawashima-sensei. (the teacher. I've used all available scenes featuring him except just one) 3) last but not least, episode 19 of the series, the awesome, awesome 'screwed-up budget episode' of the series. I always wanted to do something with it.

    King Crimson: The World Is My Oyster Soup Kitchen Floor Wax Museum - video only, from the Eyes Wide Open DVD set by the famous prog band. I used a small 20-second clip from the song's performance to fill in a couple of spots in the video.
    The only face you get to see in the video is that of Pat Mastelotto, the drummer.

    Robert Fripp: UGM Japan TV Interview [Oct. 8, 2002] - clipped and edited audio from The Power to Believe Tourbox, an expensive King Crimson bonus CD+booklet sold at early 2003 shows only, to accompany their newest album, The Power To Believe. I picked it up in Toronto on March 12, 2003. It's a great gift for a true KC fan! It was of major assistance in piecing together the TPTB-era puzzle...
    But that has nothing to do with the video.
    Also, if what is said makes no sense to you... well - the interview has been clipped at strategic points, making it even more awkward than it may have originally seemed. The 5-minute CD track of the interview segment has been reduced to 2 minutes.
    Robert Fripp is the band's de-facto leader for 35 years, a reclusive English guitarist who sits on a stool in the dark at KC's concerts. The joke here is, Kawashima-sensei from KareKano is nearly a copy of him in physical appearance and general demeanor! It was too natural to have him cast in this role. And as the interviewer is a young, slightly embarassed Japanese woman, I think having Yukino in that role is also all-too-natural.

    King Crimson: Happy Banana Tune - a true rarity. I doubt this track will ever be used again. It comes from mid-2002 sessions of KC's recording of the 'Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With' EP and 'The Power To Believe' album, and was mixed by Pat Mastelotto (KC's drummer) and Bill Munyon (his engineer), the playful musical duo behind BPM&M (a weird dance mix project).
    It was available as an MP3 for about a month during late 2003 at Pat Mastelotto's website, and has since disappeared. There are no known plans to release it on CD.
    The track is used here in full (the 'four bars' segment of the video is part of it, but the 'Happy' song thereafter comes from the next track...)
    The three voices at the end are: Robert Fripp, guitarist, presented again as Kawashima-sensei, Trey Gunn, Warr Guitar (the bassist, basically), presented as Arima (their manners are actually quite similar) and Adrian Belew, presented as Asapin.

    King Crimson: Einstein's Relatives - the hidden track from 'Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With' EP. Technically, it's part of 'Clouds', the concluding haiku of the EP, but comes after 1 minute of silence. The first bit of it is used, and the actual track goes on for another couple.
    As above, it comes from the mid-2002 KC recording sessions, and just features the band having fun, containing some hilarious quotes.
    The voices are again those of Trey Gunn and Adrian Belew.

    System: Space Groove Mk. I
    Athlon XP 2400+
    512MB 533MHz DDR RAM
    80GB HD
    GeForce FX5200, 128MB DDR
    Premiere 6.5 and Photoshop

    The video took 20+ hours of editing.

    For me, this video is actually quite different from the first RPBP. It's much more polished, organized, and contains some much more positive 'hidden messages' and more interesting editing solutions than its' predecessor. But whatever.

    I just hope you don't hate me for making you watch it ^_^


    Thanks to Propyro and cLess-34 for beta-testing.

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