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  • Member: Everlution
  • Title: Two for Tragedy
  • Premiered: 2004-06-03
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    • Nightwish Two for Tragedy
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  • Comments: Eh, I can never come up with titles so I use the song titles...well anyway, this video has spoilers for up to episode 25 of Fullmetal Alchemist. If you download it, PLEASE leave an opinion. I'd love to know what you think!

    Well, this video is WAY better than my first (I hope...although I still love my first to pieces, but that's probably because it was my first :P). I managed to teach myself crossfades and changing the opaqueness of clips, so I feel kind of proud of myself.

    The video doesn't have as pointed a motif as the last video. This one doesn't dedicate verses to characters....well, not exactly. The point of the video is to portray the characters' sorrow through all the trying events of their lives (ie, the Barry the Chopper case, episode 25's events, et cetera...). And with the final line of the song I tried to portray the idea that Ed and Al haven't experienced everything they're about to--that's the feeling I get from these episodes--and their estrangement from each other that progresses through the series. The song was just perfect--if you've ever heard it, hopefully you agree. ^^;

    There's a few things about the video that I really like:

    -The crossfade in sync with the cymbal crash after the line "In heaven, in death"
    -The timing during the clip of Roy's flashback worked out rather well
    -How the crescendo near the end of the song fits with the clip (I don't plan on spoiling it here ;)
    -How Trisha Elrics's eyes dim with the word "fallen" in the line "my fallen son"; that scene is precisely why Ed and Al fall from grace.

    That's about all I have to say... well, I had to take several breaks during the creation process to cry (shame). And I don't mean tearing up; FMA makes me cry like nobody's business (episode 8..25...basically every episode that's not comic). Going through certain scenes of the episodes really took its toll on me. Well, I hope the video has this effect on everyone who sees it...I hope everyone sees what I was intending with this video.

    Again, if you download, please leave an opinion! ^^ Thanks!

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