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  • Member: WilLoW :--)
  • Studio: Atvaark
  • Title: UntitledZeroOne
  • Premiered: 2004-06-09
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  • Song:
    • Fatboy Slim You're not from Brighton
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  • Comments: 4th @ Japan Expo 6th Impact Contest (2004) :)
    Finalist at AnimeEvolution 2004
    semi finalist, Viewers Choice Awards 2005 , "Best Dance Video" category

    This video is my favorite so far, however it seems to be cursed, as it is the one I sent to the most conventions and it never got an award :p
    However it got lots of recognition amongst fellow creators and I'm really happy with that :

    I was working on several other video projects (especially Animix and DDR4) and was looking for something more personal.
    I had made several attempts in the previous months with no result. A chilling techno video with perfect Blue, a comedy with lots of lip sync with Jungle wa itsumo, and finally I wanted something with more artistic feelings with an Animatrix video. I wanted to give a feeling of sadness, and playing with the colors. The music I chose was "Safe from harm" by massive attack.

    It didn't work, the scenes I wanted to use did not exist. Actually none of these projects was completed.

    I have tried lots of things to create dance/techno videos, but with not much success. Techno songs carry no meaning, or use too much repeated sequences for me to be able to create a scenario + match the beats.
    What's the result of these thoughts ? Well let's use some random clips. However, don't be hypocritical : most video that use random clips try to use as much clips as possible in order not to become boring for the user. I din't want that.

    Creating something "different" is difficult, because the process of "Editing" becomes a research process that is not really fun. You're looking for an idea someone has never had before, and you discover lots of people have already done it, or that it needs far more efforts than you'd be willing to put in the video.

    But for some reason here everything was clear :
    I did want to have fun making this video,

    I did not want to be hypocritical by putting meaningless sequences and making people believe it had a meaning, Therefore there are lots of loops and repeated sequences.

    I did want it to be an electronic video,

    I wanted to play with the geometry and the colors,

    I wanted this video to be different.

    Atvaark's Anthem was my main inspiration source for this video.
    I only expect you won't think I totally copied his work, lots of personal thoughts have been put in this video.
    There are lots of creators out there who try to push the limits of what an anime music video is, I wish them luck !
    Ouclippo Power :D

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