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  • Member: Kionon
  • Studio: Kionon Productions Ltd.
  • Title: Self-Induced Danger Zone
  • Premiered: 2001-11-04
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  • Song:
    • Kenny Logins Danger Zone
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Remastered June 28 2007, mp4 is remaster. Mpg is original.

    Ok, compared to my others, this really isn't that great. In fact, I was only slightly inspired to do this. It was more of a "Gee, I have the ability to do this, why not?" The source material was HORRIBLE. I'm not really surprised, I've had the videos for years and as my second favorite series, I've watched them at least 100 times if not more. And, the beginning episodes are worse than the later episodes probably because I've started rewatching the series over and over without completing it so many times and I'm not counting that in the 100 times I said I watched the series.

    Why didn't I correct it post-capture? Ha. I tried, every which way I could possibly imagine. Everything I did just made it worse. Gamma correction, brightness, contrast, everything... I like the idea, and I'll release this version of the video, but as soon as the DVD version of the series comes out, I'm going to redo the entire thing. Such is life.

    As usual, I used my Dazzle DVC 80, Adobe Premiere 6.0, and converted to MPEG with TMPGEnc. My apologies on such crappy video quality. I wish I had a better source.

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