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  • Member: Kryptonic Silencer
  • Title: Smile
  • Premiered: 2001-11-02
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    • Flickerstick Smile
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  • Comments: My second video. If you're not familiar with Cowboy Bebop you won't get as much out of this. Kinda wish I could've made it otherwise, but I think it's better that I made it the way it is. One spoiler in it. Near the end. Please leave feedback telling me your opinion on what this video is about; especially if you haven't seen Cowboy Bebop. I'd really like to know what other people get out of this.


    06/15/05: After losing my hosting for probably about 3 years now, I had long since stopped producing videos, as I had no way to showcase them. I still stopped by here occasionally, but just now realized I can post videos on this site now (I dunno how long that's been available). I've now rehosted this video here.

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