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  • Member: Toji Fujawara
  • Studio: Angel Of Tokyo Productions
  • Title: The Last Teacher(Samurai = Teacher)
  • Premiered: 2004-05-26
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    • The Last Samurai Official Trailer Audio
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  • Comments: star average: 2.84 as of 6/6/04 :/

    I often question the ideas i come up with..this was another one of those. Anyway this was just really something to get me back into the my normal editing mood and to let me get use to avs scripts since i have only used them in the past few videos. I didn't try as hard as i could and yes i know that Samurai is not Teacher...i just thought it would be funny to have GTO with the trailer for "The Last Samurai." I had planned on going frame by frame to change the Lettering to say "The Last Teacher" however when i started to i noticed...well it looked like crap. Hope you all like this it is my first attemt at a Trailer/Parody.

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