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  • Member: Vlad G Pohnert
  • Title: Orange Five-0
  • Premiered: 2004-05-25
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    • The Ventures Hawaii Five-0 Extended Theme
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  • Comments: This was a very fun video to make. I came up with the idea last fall while I was watching the Orange Road OVAs. During the episode "Hawaiian Suspense" I commented to myself how much it reminded me of the TV show Hawaii Five-O and the idea for a parody music video popped into my head!

    Now, for those two young or who have never heard of Hawaii Five-0, it basically was a cop show that place in Hawaii. The story revolved around a special crime fighting unit that fought organized crime beyond the capability of the regular police department. The show ran for something like 7 seasons in the 70s and was very popular. Its opening theme song is probably one of the most popular and recognized theme even today and one of my most favourite instrumental pieces of music.

    Basically I wanted to mimic somewhat the opening theme of Hawaii Five-0. the show is very famous for showing a giant wave at the beginning with the title credits.

    Now for those who have not seen Orange Road, the series is basically a Romance Comedy that centres on characters all in Junior High School and does not have anything to do with cops. But there are two episodes that I drew upon in this video and several other references that work very well into fooling you into thinking it deals with cops.

    I ended up using the extended theme from the show that was recorded by the Ventures who did the original TV show version since I wanted to spend more time highlighting the characters. As with the Hawaii Five-0 opening, it spends time showing each character and shots of their specialties, hence I did the same thing and drew upon the original character's personalities and over emphasised it to come up with the "fictional characters" in the parody.

    I really love the way this video turned out and had a lot of enjoyment making it. I think it's probably one of my favourites of what I have done and relies more on solid editing with very minimal digital effects.

    Iíll be putting this up for download later in the month of June.


    Contest Recognition:
    JACON 2004 - Best Comedy or Parody
    AnimeNext 2004 - Honorable Mention in Action

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