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  • Member: [ZeaL]
  • Studio: [ZeaL]
  • Title: ~ La Reminiscencia ~
  • Premiered: 2004-04-01
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    • Eric Clapton Layla
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  • Comments: This video was completed March 31, 2004. Premiere 7 was used again. This idea had been stewing for a while; every time Layla would come on in my playlist, I'd think "Wow, that would go well with Sol Bianca!" Eventually, of course, I finally got around to it. This was my entry to AnimeNorth 2004, where it didn't even make finalist. I should have entered my Hoshi no Koe one -- but I digress.

    While this really is just meant to be an ass-kicking video, I did insert the subplot of April and Feb fighting, and then reuniting, though it does sort of appear abruptly, and then disappear equally quickly. There's no sort of April/Feb reconciliation in the OVA that I could use, otherwise that definitely would have been added (and it would have been so useful).

    Again, there were a few serendipitous moments in this video that really make it cool, in my opinion. First, around 1:55, or so, the guy that is helping April rescue Feb appears upside down, and his lips seem to sync with the lyrics "you got me on my knees". This was unplanned, but pretty cool. At the beginning, when they're walking up the stairs, they walk in time to the music (two beats/step). This was tweaked so that it worked (it's unfortunate that there weren't enough stairs to do one beat/step ;_;). Finally, just before Feb is kidnapped, the bartender is shaking his cocktail in time with the music.

    The source was HK DVDs, which were... well, really quite fugly compared to the R1s. It has a ghetto grainy look, which... well, it's not BAD, but it's not like I'd prefer it. Maybe I'll remaster it someday with R1 footage, but not for a while.

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