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  • Member: Bauzi
  • Title: Hunting the Undead
  • Premiered: 2004-05-24
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    • Apartment 26 Give me more
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  • Comments: The song we chosed is very good for a Hellsing AMV. In the song there is a piano playing in the background and it is quite heavily sometimes, but this is what Hellsing is like. In the series there is often a smart, cool and idle piano song (playing) in the background, even when it comes hard on hard and this makes Hellsing so specially. This video will bring you cool "Hellsing-feeling" into your heart ^_^.
    We used for this video the Hellsing episodes and a Hellsing special. lt is like a movie trailer, but there is not a Hellsing movie! We downloaded it one day from a website... We don't really know what this special is. It is only about 4 minutes long and differnt drawn than the Hellsing episodes.
    "Hunting the Undead" is a very good name for this video. It says what Hellsing is like. Alucard and Celes Victoria are hunting with the "Hellsingagency" in the series ghuls and vampires ( even Alucard and Celes are vampires).
    This video is one of our first good mvids. We hope it will not be our last and that you will enjoy it!!!


    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The Second Link works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Had to be said XD

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