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  • Member: MangaPunkSai
  • Title: "Break"
  • Premiered: 2004-05-21
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  • Song:
    • Bright Eyes sunrise, sunset
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  • Comments: Well I've made another Lain video. I can't help it, I love the series so much and it has such great workable footage. This is one I never had a pervious idea for. I became near obsessed with the song "Sunrise, Sunset" by Bright Eyes and wanted to do something to it. Lain came to mind as something that would fit the song.

    So this is almost a sister video to my Lain video entitled "Mad World". It's got the same kind of mood, but a different theme and footage. I also broke away from my usual techniques. Generally I don't use many scenery shots, and I obsessive compulsively try to time to every little sound. This time, I was more concerned about building the -mood- of the video. So there's alot of the common shots in Lain.. wires.. the stuffed animals in the window.. and alot more long-drawn out footage which is odd for me because I don't normally let one clip be up on the screen too long, or show clips in their original order.

    Also, mostly subtle special effects this time around. The Blurs I've become used to transitioning with are there. Don't be confused people, I think some people thought they were low footage quality between transitions. No, I do it on purpose. It makes for smoother and more interesting fades and transitions, and also gives the eye something to look at in more still footage. Other than that, I did alot with overlaying static. I tried to do that in the "Mad World" vid, but I made the mistake of using the "Noise" effect, so it didn't translate well on export. This time I took static from footage of the anime itself.

    I also exported this one at a higher quality, since people seem have been very picky about the "Capture Quality". I just try to keep my vids small and downloadable, I figure if you can clearly see whats going on it shouldn't matter. Either way, that doesn't mean the capture quality is -perfect-. I only have an analog device capturing off DVDs, folks.

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