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  • Members: JCD, Messi
  • Studio: Anivision
  • Title: Fight For Justice
  • Premiered: 2004-05-15
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Toshihiko Takamizawa Battle Of Fire (female chours version)
  • Anime:
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  • Comments: Hi all,

    Quick Note: This was made before my Strike On video, I just released it later due to the premiere at the Conneko convention ;)

    --- 3rd Place in the Action / Adventure category at Conneko 2004 :3
    --- Honorable Mention in Action at AnimeCentral 2004 o_o
    --- Viewers Choice in Action / Adventure at FAnime 2004
    (whoohoo, viewers choice means alot to me, thank you guys!)

    This was a video which was quite fun to edit.

    Originally I got to this song through my friend Daniel (Messi) who wanted to make his first AMV to this combination you see here. I thought the idea was damn good, I even would pull it off myself. OK, so he edited but unfortunately he didn't get past the first 30 seconds.
    The Conneko AMV-Contest was coming up in Germany and I was wondering what AMV I should make. Since Daniel didn't edit any further on his video, I asked him if I could do it - and so I did :)

    Basicly my first 15 seconds were the same as Daniel's as I had no better idea myself. Further on I quickly discovered how fast paced this AMV is going to be. Scene changes to every clash in the song... that would make 3 scene changes per second. Alot of people may think "That's too freaking fast", but wait until you see ;)
    Kiddy Grade fitted very well to the song. It even allowed me to make the video a bit storyline-based, that means pretty random fun in the beginning, more serious scenes in the middle, an unexcepted twist and a bombastic final fight at the end. That's the way Kiddy Grade is build as well, it's a great anime with alot of fanservice.
    Oh yeah, fanservice, couldn't avoid Eclair's pants showing up in several parts of the video, she is so hawt :3

    Anyway, it's indeed the fastest video I've ever done, and it surpassed my expectations by far. It's a bit dedicated to Daniel since he helps me so much with beta-viewing my videos & making suggestions, that's why I even entered him as a collaborator here. Thank you, my friend ! :)

    The reaction and premiere at Conneko was great since it was played all along with my friends videos. I was having a great time at the con and the contest was so damn tough and high level, I really enjoyed it :) Definately better than the Connichi contest last year.

    I like it alot now and I hope you'll enjoy it as well ;)

    Programs used: Adobe Premiere 6.0 for all the editing except the 3d fake wall which was done in Adobe Photoshop 7.0

    If you're using some kind of Mozilla browser (like firefox) you have to left-click on the link. Just some leechprotection :d

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