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  • Member: Herbert West
  • Title: BÖSE
  • Premiered: 2004-05-14
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    • Knorkator Böse
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  • Comments: This is my first AMV, my second is already on the .org, i had to wait to publish this one because it was on the Conneko 2004 AMV contest.

    When i started with this vid i had no idea about interlacing problems, fps or other things that makes an amv looks really bad, i doscovered the .org shortly before i finished this vid and at that point it was already too late to start again. I've tried to make it look as good as possible without completly starting the project again, maybe i'll do a remake sometime.

    The whole vid is lyric synch, so it would be hard to know what it is about without undertstanding the german lyrics. I attached a rough translation of the lyrics at the end of this text to give you an idea what the song is about.

    German lyrics

    Ich bin in einer finsteren Sekte
    Die in mir die Erkenntnis weckte
    Daß unsere kurze Daseinsfrist
    Mehr Spaß macht, wenn man böse ist
    Nun hat man mich zwar gut erzogen
    Hab nie geklaut, hab nie gelogen
    Doch künftig werd ich danach streben
    Mich ganz dem Bösen hinzugeben
    Böse, ich bin so böse
    Böse, ich bin so böse

    Ich öffne gleich am 1.Dezember
    Alle Türchen vom Weihnachtskalender
    Ich will im Beisein anderer flüstern
    Ich will im Kino mit Papier rumknistern
    Mit neuen Hosen auf Bäume steigen
    Mit nackten Finger auf Menschen zeigen
    In Gesprächen dazwischen plappern
    Popel fressen, Fingernägel knabbern
    Böse !


    Ich mach in Zukunft meine Schuhe
    Immer nur mit einem Knoten zu´e
    Die Hände immer in den Hosentaschen
    Und nach dem Zähne putzen heimlich naschen
    3x in den Apfel beißen
    Und danach den Rest wegschmeißen
    Auf fremden Klo´s in Stehen pissen
    Danach nicht spülen, Deckel nicht schließen

    English lyrics (*Edit* 26.Aug.2004 I replaced my horrible translation with the official from the Knorkator website)


    I am in a dark sect
    That awakened the realization in me
    That our short lifetime
    Is more fun when you're evil
    But now I was educated good
    I never pinched, I never told a lie
    But in the future I'll aspire
    To totally indulge the evil

    I'm so evil
    I'm so evil

    I'll open immediately on the 1st of December
    All small doors of the Christmas Calendar
    I'll whisper in the presence of other people
    I'll crackle paper in the cinema
    I'll climb up trees with new trousers
    I'll point with the bare forefinger at people
    I'll disturb conservations with my talking
    I'll eat boogers
    I'll gnaw at my fingernails

    I'm so evil
    I'm so evil
    Ineffable evil
    Shocking evil

    In future I'll tie my shoes
    With only one knot
    The hands always in the trouser pockets
    And after brushing my teeth I'll secretly have a sweet tooth
    I'll take three bites of an apple
    And then I'll throw away the rest
    On other people's toilet I'll piss while standing
    After that I'll wont flush and shut the toilet lid

    I'm so evil
    I'm so evil
    Ineffable evil
    Shocking evil

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