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  • Member: yoshi1013
  • Studio: Studio 606
  • Title: Rei, Beyond Her Heart
  • Premiered: 2001-11-01
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    • Madonna Frozen
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  • Comments: ***Nominee in the AMV Viewer's Choice Awards for "Best Character Profile"***

    I first set out to make this video simply because I really like Rei but didn't think there were any videos out there that did some real justice to her character. Only one I'm aware of is "I Think I'm a Clone Now" which has its merits but is a comedic parody sort of video.

    I started by ripping DVDs when I was at work and the computer lab was mostly empty. There were times I used six computers at the same time because to convert a chapter of 11-15 minutes to DV took almost an hour. I went through the entire series and captured almost every clip with Rei in it and every clip I liked which didn't have anyone in it like clips of the sky and other types of ambience.

    Then came the song ordeal, I didn't have a song and had most of my footage. So I tried to ask in the forums for suggestions but I got a lot of suggestions that would've ended up with a video more akin to the Lain video set to "Living Dead Girl." I wanted to make a quieter and gentler video because that's more what Rei is like.

    My roommate thought it appropriate to use a female singer and since he hates all female singers except for Madonna he suggested Ray of Light and Frozen. Though he quickly realized Ray of Light wasn't appropriate at all, and Frozen by title alone seemed to fit Rei and I think it really worked out well in the end.

    First thing I did was cut down the song from 6:11 minutes to about 4:00 minutes because there's a repetition and long instrumental section around the end, and I knew that when I finished I wouldn't be able to host a file bigger than 49 MB. Plus, people seem to get bored after 5 minutes or more depending so I didn't wanna push my luck.

    When making this video I made it with the mentality that I had when making my Liberi Fatali video, but not as obsessive. I wanted to edit to every prominent beat in the song or layers. Though sometimes it wasn't appropriate so I used some discretion. This approach was mostly due to the fact that most of my anime videos have been kind of simple with fades and nothing too complicated so I wanted to do something I would hope appear more technically adept.

    The end result is still relatively simple but I liked how it came out. I'm satisfied that I managed to find appropriate matches to the lyrics and still sync up with the beats nicely. I have to give a special thanks to my friend ali_wildgoose who suggested an editorial change during the sequence in Shinji's head when Rei's saying "Do you want to become one with me" because originally I had it exactly as it was in the series but she hated it and changed the cuts to fades and a fade to white at the end which I liked much better.

    For this video I ripped the DVDs on Macintosh G4s using DVDExtractor, converted to DV using MacMPEG2Decoder and transferred to a MiniDV tape that I took home to use. I edited using Final Cut Pro 2 on my blue and white Powermac G3 and then converted to MPEG1 format using Cleaner 5.

    Total capture time: approx 8 hours
    Total editing time: approx 8-10 hours
    Total encoding time: approx 18 hours (8 hours of which were just a mistake)

    So, if you're a Rei fan at all I think that you'll enjoy this video so download it and give it a watch. As always, if you liked or even if you hated this video with all your heart and soul, take at least a little time to leave me an opinion because like all creators:


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