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  • Member: super majin
  • Title: Garaa's Childhood
  • Premiered: 2004-05-10
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    • Clay Aiken Invisible
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  • Comments: I put approximately 3 hours into the making of this video. I'm new at making music videos and I realize that AVI format would probably be the best format, but my Adobe Premeire can't PREVIEW AVI's without erroring out, no matter what codec I use. :( So I tried making the video in Windows Movie Maker, and to my delight XP's Movie Maker is MUCH MUCH better than ME's. Although Window's Movie Maker severely lacks in effects and transitions, it will allow me to preview my AVI files. I didn't need any effects anyway since this Music Video is a more serious look of what Garaa went through as a child and why he became the person he is in the Naruto series.
    This video wasn't timed, but I liked this song and like to hear a song I like playing along with an Anime I like, and even though it wasn't timed, I did pick relevent clips that pertain to the song, to emphansize (mispelled I know) how harsh Garaa's life was.

    This video was originally going to be about Naruto and the loneliness he faced as a child which is somewhat similar to Garaa's painful childhood. Both rejected by society and for reason's they know not. As i went on though, I felt that Garaa's childhood struck me more because unlike Naruto who was lucky enough to find true friends, Garaa is still alone and lost.


    I realize WMV format isn't the greatest format, which is why I encoded it at 1.5MBPS. Also the transitions aren't as good being that the buffer rate focused more on the quality of the video than the smoothness of the transistions. This is really evident in the dissolving transition. The ending sucks horribly because of the way the songs fades out, and my lack of creativity, I couldn't think of anything to do.

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