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  • Member: Jashiwi
  • Studio: Glass Candy Productions
  • Title: Moon Soul
  • Premiered: 2004-02-10
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    • Please Save My Earth OST 1 A Song without a Song
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  • Comments: Song to Please Save My Earth CD Soundtrack Vol 1. : A Song Without a Song.

    Contains LOTS of SPOILERs for the 2nd MOVIE!!

    -Profiles on all leading and Minor (Shippou ^___^.. he is once and a while added).

    Mostly Sango with Kauga-Kun.


    -Inuyasha and Kagome.

    -Alot of Profile on Inuyasha / Demon-side.

    -Kanna / Kagura (Wind User)

    The Song is upbeat at times, but the AMV Contains alot of dramatic, and beauty inside the AMV.
    I Love all of the PSME Anime Soundtracks--And I felt that even though I know what the lead singer is singing in translation, I still feel- that the song's melody and rythm- like feel held hand in hand with the Movie perfectly.


    -The Link has low bandwith, and the quality is smaller in size.
    (Once Again, I have made the AMV Large again) ^_^;

    The file size is around 5.00 MBs, and the Format play is realplayer. But I did include the player's link under the main image of the AMV's info.

    Enjoy, and I'll keep you posted --when I upload anouther link to more of my AMVs that will be available for download. ^__^

    -*Yamna Starlight Marameia*
    (Yamna Satinrouge)

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