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  • Member: Cosmos Studio
  • Studio: Cosmos Studio
  • Title: Living By A Moment (Revised Edition)
  • Premiered: 2001-10-25
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  • Song:
    • Lifehouse Hanging by a Moment
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  • Comments: This is my revised edition of "Living By A Moment", I hope to have the MPEG version of this video up soon too, but I need a little bit more time. ^_^ I decided to leave the older version up too so that you can see the differance between the 4-5 months more experiance I now have. Most of the scenes were replaces, but the beginning, and just a few scenes in the middle I left the same, if you have seen the other version, I am sure you'll notice it. I am much happier with the way this one came out compared to the older version, but there are still a few places I'm not sure about. Let's see if you can guess where. ~.^

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