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  • Member: Cobheran
  • Title: Gundam vs Evangelion
  • Premiered: 2004-05-09
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    • Gundam X After War 1
    • Yasunori Mitsuda Escape
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  • Comments: The idea hit me one night while driving around and listening to the Xenosaga soundtrack. I remembered all the online debates about which was better. So after a few months of mulling (and watching Gundam Seed) I decided to give it a shot. My playing around with the Crest of Stars video gave me a leg up on this one, since I didn't want to do an overlay video without having had some prior experience with it. I actually forgot to credit myself on this video but it's mine, as is the voice in the beggining so don't criticize me too harshly 8P I'm not a voice actor but I try. I submitted this video to Jacon 2004 so hopefully it'll get shown ^^; I'm so nervous. Oh, for those who were wondering, for the editing I used adobe photoshop (yup! I did it pixel by pixel!) it was a pain but once I got the hang of what I was trying to do it came out well ^_^

    As a side note, this AMV won Best Action AMV at Jacon 2004

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