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  • Member: Onegai
  • Studio: Onegai
  • Title: The Definition of Trust
  • Premiered: 2001-03-09
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    • Megadeth Trust
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  • Comments: Ever since I saw Elaine Chen's video "Revolution", featuring the song "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" I wanted to be a part of the amv legacy of the Kenshin OAV. While this video is starting to look a little dated by today's standards, its bitterness is still fresh.

    The video was created solely with Adobe Premiere 5.1, with footage taken from DVD. For those that are curious, some of the filters used include: "Better Gaussian Blur", "Black & White", "Brightness & Contrast", and a few others related more to footage issues than appearance in the vid.

    Perhaps the most interesting feature in this video is the extensive use of text. Text can play an integral role in developing themes, but only so long as the text isn't a) excessive b) distracting or c) confusing (all three of which walk hand in hand). The text in this case was used to show what a character was thinking, or provide background information important to the theme.

    This video won Best Drama in the AWA 7 (2001) Professional Awards contest. The little trophy has followed my computer around throughout the years.

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