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  • Member: Anime_Video_Designer
  • Studio: Gainax FLCL
  • Title: Cruel Angel Thesis Piano Instrumental
  • Premiered: 2004-05-05
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    • Alex Easter Neon Genesis Evangelion Piano Instrumental
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  • Comments: This video is an adaptation of the original Neon Genesis Intro basically....

    This video has a Piano Instrumental replacing the original music with a guitar backing also accompanying it. It's truly touching music that needed video playback to reveal it's true greatness and potential.

    The Music was written and played by a very talented individual who goes by the name of Alex Easter and his very nice relative joined him in a music session accompanying him on the guitar.

    I cannot overstate how good this Video Clip is. This Video could easily be used as a one off special replacement for the Original Intro as a one off Neon Genesis' special. Any Neon Genesis fan will know that the producers always change the ending theme and sometimes the Intro to give the viewers a suprise and add yet more variety to one of the greatest Animes ever produced.

    Download this Video and i GURANTEE you will not be disapointed!!!

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