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  • Member: JCD
  • Studio: Anivision
  • Title: Strike On
  • Premiered: 2004-05-06
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    • m.o.v.e Strike On
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  • Comments: Hi all,

    well, this video doesn't have too much thought behind it, I created it more or less just for fun ^_^

    At first I need to thank rubyeye for his Phenomeon video which got me into the anime Princess Nine and made me go and buy the incredibly cheap boxset. Before it arrived I thought already I could make a video with it. I searched a bit in my songs and found another awesome song by Move (which I used for Overdrive already) called Strike on. The title arlready fitted, I was just worried if there are enough fast paced scenes in Princess Nine as the song was as powerful as Over Drive.
    Well, after watching it I felt it could work, the only thing I needed now were the lyrics. They're in japanese for the most of the song, so I asked Paulo if he could translate me some keywords of the song. Thanks for doing this, Paulo ! ^_^
    I didn't eternerly want to synch the lyrics because of the song's meaning, furthermore just to make scene selection easier. It worked, the video progressed very well with this.

    Some (in my opinion) really childish effects found their way in this video which I learned from the Children Project and a bit at work (Photoshop is a big element in my job-education). All in all I used about 34 image mattes in this video. Strange, usually I'm used to passive effects you souldn't notice, I guess I just wanted to try out the other side of the road =)
    As for lipsynch, I synched a few movements, but it's so few that I don't think it's worth to give a score for it, so I disabled it. If you want to score it in an opinion, just tell me and I'll enable it ^_^

    As Princess Nine wasn't really fast paced, I speeded up most of the scenes. Lucky for me, the scenes were quite often in slow-motion, that means after speeding those up the motion got really smooth and clean :D

    The rest of the video is simple Baseball-action synch. That should be it.
    Don't except too much, as said it's just a fun-video, not one I tried to push my efforts to the maximum with.

    Maybe I'll write some subtitles for this video sometime, but as for now...
    Here are the lyrics if you want to get some meaning out of the scenes:
    Strike on, ride on, ride on my own
    Hurry up and move into the streamin'
    Strike on, ride on, ride on my own
    Screamin' to the mountain high

    Hey run and run, baby run, soshite yatsu ga ikuze (Then he will go)
    Aadonna yume oikake (What dream to run for) donna shousou ni oware (What things to hope for)
    Loud desire unaru (come) backfire biribiri (eletric) bang to
    Konna ni akuseru funde mo (Even pushing the accel like this) furi kirenai mono (it's never enough)
    Naze kono jikan ni umare (Why born in this hour) naze kono shunkan ni ikite (why live in this second or moments)
    Naze konna kewashii michi nori ni tatteirun darou (Why am I standing on this hard way of life)
    Sonzai toka koudou no konpon no riyuu sagasu koto (I'll search for the reason of my decisions and my existence)
    Sore jitai ga kitto ikiru reason (That would be possibly the reason to be alive)
    Now strike you on

    Daremo ga tada hitori de sagasu jibun no mirai wo (Everybody is just trying to find their fututre themselves)
    Ooki na gisei wo haratte mo (Even with big losts)

    Hurry up and move into beat
    Strike and bang it down

    Strike on kimi ga honto no kimi no mama de iru tame (It'll be necessary to keep you just as you are)
    Strike on ato dono kurai mune ni kizu wo seou no (From now on how much do you still have to be hurted)
    Whoa, strike on oikakete iku yume wo ai wo doko made (Run or search for your dream, love until where)
    Straight shot ikutsu no sakebi namida kakushi hashiru no (How many times are you gonna scream, hide your tears)

    (Hey make a noise) Whoa whoa whoa
    (Somebody make a noise) Whoa whoa yeah
    (Somebody shake your body, now you make a scream)
    To be strike on

    And noize around town the town
    Hora(Now!) go with mach sound
    Ushinau mono nara dekkai hodo wakuwaku sou deshou (The excitement is higher If the preciousity of the things you could lose are bigger)
    Saamou chouchou hasshi suteeji kankyaku ga kirikiri mau hodo (Let's run a bit more till the spectators are amazed)
    Mimauze(I'll do it) straight shot

    Ride on, ride on, I'll shake you on with my song
    Honne onrii de ikouze (Let's do it till we crack our bones)
    Dareka to mometatte okay (Even if we have to fight with somebody)
    Yuujuufudan ni saiken (friendship aside), sekobicchi na koukai keshisarouze (let's forget possible regret)
    Furimukeba owatte shimau ka no you ni mae dake mite (If we look back it'll be like the end , just look forward)
    Yoshimashou kata ikoto desu masu chou no kenka shitemo (Let's try hard even if we had a big fight)
    Kouka nai koto ni ki ga tsukanai people(People who don't notice some things are useless)
    Kikoenai haatobiito (I can't hear the heartbeats)
    Rock the beat, rock the break beat
    Yappa hora zenbu pikapika ni migaita mune wo hari (Let's definetly get rehealed)
    Junsui sagashite ikou (Let's search for purity)

    Donna kotae ga matte ite mo sono michi wo erabu (We're still going to choose this road even not knowing our goals)
    Sekaijuu teki ni mawashite mo (Even if we the entire earth)

    Hurry up and move into beat
    Strike and bang it down

    Strike on hageshii mirai nozomu naraba ima sugu (Wish for the future if you're powerful right now)
    Strike on taisetsu na mono nakusu koto mo osorezu (Don't fear the loss of something special)
    Whoa, strike on motome(search/follow for) tsuzukeru(continue/still) kimi no atsui(hot) muchuu ga (dream) (Continue following your hot dream)
    Straight shot mezamenai mama ireru koto wo negau yo (I'll pray not to wake up)

    Woo strike it on yeah to the mountain high
    Takin' to the straight shot so I feel
    Your love that's 4 real
    Woo strike it on yeah to the mountain high
    It's a real, it's a real, it's a real to feel
    To be strike on

    Hurry up and move into beat, hurry up and move into beat
    Hurry up and move into beat, strike on, ride it on, come on
    Hurry up and move into beat, hurry up and move into beat
    Hurry up and move into beat, strike on, ride it on

    Oh yeah

    Big thanks again to Paulo for this ;)
    And for betatesting (same goes for Messi and PiccoloX32)

    Programs used: Adobe Premiere 6.0 for basic editing and Adobe Photoshop 7.0 for lots and lots of image mattes.

    I hope you enjoy watching it ^^

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