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  • Member: mckeed
  • Studio: Dark Side Productions
  • Title: Disney in D(wchang) Minor
  • Premiered: 2004-05-04
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    • Disney's Alladin Soundtrack One Jump
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  • Comments: This was a rather spur of the moment idea. I saw how much of a fuss was made over Dwchang's "I just can't wait to be king" video at Sakuracon and thought. Hmmmmm, is it the Disney or the editing? So I let that mull around in my head for a few days and suddenly it hit me. Naruto is a very good parallel to Alladin.

    I wasn't sure if i had enought footage for this. I decided that I would dig out the soundtrack and grab "One Jump" as it seemed like the most feasable option. That and its the only Disney soundtrack I got. I decided to shelve submitting Gentrification or Cry Little Idol to Otakon in favor of this. The reactions so far from the beta have been very possitive so I hope that it will do well there. Some of the more memorable comments go something like....."OMG Naruto?...OMGWTF alladin soundtrack?...OMG that's tottaly wrong...OMGWTFBBQ!!!!!11!! it's hillarious."

    I used many different types of masking techniques in this video. Everything from greenscreen to image matte's to frame by frame editing. Importing image sequences as video files. I composited the harem togeather and had to make the mouth poses as there was only one post to work from. Many transitions were used. I built 2 from scratch. I spent about 60 hours on this. It was totally worth it. I wasn't able to get some of the masking perfect. There are 3 scenes that came out like crap in my oppinion. It is mostly due to the source footage. Problem with colors bleeding into others. It was messsy. After 10 hours of just trying to make those scenes look good I gave up. That and the deadline was comming up and just wanted to wrap this video up.

    Disney in D(wchang) Minor Won 1st Place Finish at PortconMaine 2004, the Staff Award in the Comedy Category at the Lakewood Public Library AMV contest 2004,
    Best Comedy at Anime Expo 2004, Best Comedy and Audience Choiceat Anime Evolution 2004.

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