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  • Member: anneke
  • Studio: Baka Deshi Productions!
  • Title: I Hope You Dance
  • Premiered: 2004-05-03
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    • Lee Ann Womack I Hope You Dance
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  • Comments: A simple love triangle (Well a square really).

    Oscar loves Fresen. Fresen loves Marie Antoniette. While Andre loves Oscar.
    Oscar chases Fresen, while Andre as her man servent must watch.
    Andre even tries to tell Oscar his love, but she ignores him.
    Oscar seems to finally win Fresen.
    However Fresen is still caught up in Marie and talks of only her.
    Oscar finally thinks about Andre who's been there the entire time.
    However it's maybe to late...

    The story of the chorus...

    1st chorus she is asked to dance, to be a lady, by her father, which she refuses.
    2nd chorus she has grown up, and she goes to the dance to catch her love (Fresen), and fails.
    3rd chorus is where the story changes, and you find out the real point/meaning behind the whole song, it's Andre sing and asking Oscar that he hopes she dances. That she doesn't let life and love pass her by.

    I LOVE this video. I don't know if I could make it any more prefect then it is. I spent so much time on it...from the version of the song I was picking to scene placement to timing. It's just the most wonderful piece to describe the love story in Rose of Versailles.

    *There are several lip flaps in the video, but I think they are neccessary. Some scenes you can almost hear the words they are speaking to each other.

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