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  • Member: anneke
  • Studio: Baka Deshi Productions!
  • Title: I'm not left handed
  • Premiered: 2004-05-03
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    • Princess Bride, The (Soundtrack) Track 7. Swordfight
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  • Comments: Just a bunch of sword fighting.

    Okay...I made the finals at Otakon with this video so I felt I should write abit more. First, THANK YOU for voting for my video, this is the first time I've made the finals at Otakon, after several years of trying.

    This video is rather simplistic. I was already making a video to another track on the Princess Bride Soundtrack using Rose of Versailles, and I wanted to play with RoV some more, and had ideas for another track from the Princess Bride Soundtrack. It's amazing how many different sorts of videos you can make from Rose of Versallies, it's a very versitile series. (Well other then comedy).

    For those who are familuar/or not with The Princess Bride there is a big sword fight, and the joke of the sword fight is that one guy isn't left handed, and then the other reveals that he's not left handed either. (They were fighting with their 'off' hands to make the fight longer).

    I SUCK at action videos. I also don't like action videos very much. Most of them are just mecha blowing things up, or people shooting at each other. I saw an Utena video that tried to be action but all of Utena's sword fighting is basically the same. Oscar sword fighting is completely different all the time. No stock footage here! The joys of an older anime.

    I also wanted a video that felt like an action video to me. To me, and action video just means there is alot of fighting going on. Your getting just the action, and your heart should be beating a little faster to the music. I think this piece of music does that, and sword fight is just that, alot of action.

    NONE of the footage is Speeded up. All the footage is at it's orginal speed. I think I even slowed down a few parts. A trick some people use when making action videos is to speed up the footage to pack more action into the video. I decided not to do that.

    So what's up with the drama in the video? Well...I admit it...I didn't have all the DVDs ripped, and didn't have room on the computer to rip more, so I was limited on the footage. I should have ripped all the DVDs...but heck, this was just a fun, 1 weekend project. (I never expected to make the finals of a contest). But I also felt the drama sort of fit the music in those scenes.

    I'm glad I made this video, because it was one of those videos that I just had to make.

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