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  • Member: Murf
  • Studio: Nocturnal Studios
  • Title: Sibling Rivalry
  • Premiered: 2001-11-01
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  • Song:
    • Star Wars: Episode 1 Duel of the Fates (Techno Remix)
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  • Comments: A long time ago, in galaxy far, far away...

    EPISODE 26

    Ok, time to end this blatant Star Wars Mockery. Time for me to get down to bussiness. During the brief production period of my "The Stampede, Vash" AMV, I got the idea of my next video, this one. The idea came while hearing the song. I had always thought of doing some type of video set to John William's Dual of the Fates from SW: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. But the action I needed/wanted never seemed to show it's self to me. Then after A) Losing my Remix of DOTF, B) Seeing Trigun, and C) Refinding said remix. The idea grabbed me in the face and proceded to ram Trigun ideas into my head.

    After several ideas worked it's way through, it came down to one of two ideas.
    A) Vash vs. The Gung Ho Guns... or
    B) Vash vs. Knives

    I listened to the song, envisioned the scenes... and I arrived at my decision. Vash vs. Knives. With my concept in place, I began my tedious project of capturing clips, and editing. What happened during the editing, and the placement of clips amazed me. The battle clips practically fit themselves to the music. If you watch the original clips from Trigun, you'll see that very few edits occured in the main gun battle.

    The next area toiled with was after the beginning, but before the actual fight started. This section is compiled of childhood flashbacks of Vash and Knives. I spent no time in that section since I knew what I wanted in there... and what I put in worked great. It was at this point that comrad Jason (Acid Dwarf) came to assist in the making of the video.

    The beginning came next. The song opens with a Star Wars trumpet fanfare that did not fit in with the rest of the song. We took it out originally, and started the video a bit harshly in the actual song. Jason seemed pleased, but I wasn't. We captured shots from the end of Episode 25, where Vash picks up his gun, spins it, and holsters it. The video then fades into Vash walking trough the desert, with Wolfwood's trademark luggage full of mercy to meet with his brother. Vash arrives, puts down the cross and then Vash and Knives face off, toss in a few flashbacks, and all is hunky dory.

    The Video is now about 50% done.
    Intro - Faceoff - Flashbacks - Battle - ?

    Ok, now came the hardest part bit. Instead of working on from where I stopped, I decided to go from the end to the point where I stopped. That was a good/bad idea.

    Why good? The clip (Where Knives gets both guns, Vash shoots Kinives with the cross, and defeats Knives) I laid down and edited matched the video PERFECTLY! WITH EVEN LESS EDITS THAN BEFORE! I was amamzed how lucky I was.

    Why bad? The clip was long, and gave me about 45 seconds in which to showcase the Angel Arms dual. So with some quick timing, quick wit and a few sped up clips, the Angel Arm dual became 45 seconds of video.

    Now the video was done... but something seemed... off. It just didn't feel right somehow... and I discovered why. Inspired by Star Wars, I took the video, and made it WIDESCREEN, or at least semi-widescreen. Now the video felt right. I was pleased... Jason was pleased...

    We showed some people, got some opinions, edited it right, showed them again. And we proclaimed the Trigun AMV titled "Sibling Rivalry" FINISHED!

    And I believe my ranting is finished...


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