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  • Member: [Mike of the Desert]
  • Title: L'Imbranato Volenteroso
  • Premiered: 2004-05-01
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    • Linkin Park Somewhere I Belong
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  • Comments: Hi!! Well, I'll start saying one thing that surely who saw my videos learned... In Naruto I have two favorites characters, Rock Lee and Gaara. Now I'm planning to do in the future a tribute to Gaara, but this one, is a Rock Lee tribute. I know I know... There are many of them, tons of video about Rock Lee... But I had the ispiration, and as I said many times I like to do amv so I didn't care too much about "how many are" the videos about it right now... But I used a linkin park song for a tribute, this is at least a little original!! Ok, I should say one thing... I'm sorry. I'm sorry really sorry but the quality is really horrible. But I have a 56k connection, I can't buy the dvds and also try to download footage for me is impossible... So I worked on what I had... But of course I put effort on this video!! One good thing is that I removed subtitles, and like all my "serious" vudeos where I put a lot of effort, I worked also on the storyline, for example, here one thing is that Lee use the moves only when he learned them... In the beginnig he put only effort in his trainings, and this make him more fast than the sand of Gaara, then he lears the secondary lotus... And finally the primary lotus... This is only an example ;). But to be sincere, considering the time, I didn't worked on it a bunch of time, I think something like 7 to 9 hours... Not that much. But as I said I put effort on it, I used also effects like flashes and filters, but the filters I used them only in the beginning, so I didn't put "effects" in the information of the video. I tried to mix the past of Lee with his present, yes is a bad point but there is Lee vs Gaara, I know, is impossible to find a tribute to Lee without it, so it's not that original... But I tried to make it more different as I could!! Uff... If I think about the quality... I'm really sorry is really bad, surely is not a video for full screen view, but I hope that you'll enjoy it, I like Lee so I worked hard on this video!! Ah yes, and the title is in italian ;P But it means the nickname that Lee had when was little: "The Hot-Blooded Drop" (I think that was that...)!! Ok, so, I really hope for opinions!! Enjoy!

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