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  • Member: Guardian4
  • Title: Part One: The Leader
  • Premiered: 2004-04-26
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    • Chris DeBurgh The Leader
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  • Comments: It seems to be a trend lately...The suddenly "as usual", this isn't a very normal video for me. This actually starts a trilogy that I will be doing and what makes this even more unusual (to me at least) is that this entire trilogy will be dedicated to the fall of the Silver Millennium. I've wanted to do SOMETHING with these series of songs for the longest time and it finally clicked. However, it won't exactly be uplifting because of the material and the song.

    I hadn't necessarily wanted to do three parts, even though there are three songs, but the music video would be far too large to put up on the internet, due to the fact that if you put the songs together, it becomes 9:00 minutes long. I had a hard enough time getting a 6:00 minute long one up here. The songs are (and what parts there will be):

    The Leader
    The Vision
    What About Me

    I'll be working on the second one tomorrow, but for now, here's part one. Part Three will will be similar to Part One in that it will mostly be talking scenes and such. Part Two will have the meat of the action in it and the actual destruction of the Moon Kingdom...I suppose I shouldn't have told you that...

    Anyway, check it out. There are a few digital effects, but the strength of the song is so great that I didn't want to overwhelm it with video effects. The song speaks for itself, really.

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