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  • Member: Kionon
  • Studio: Kionon Productions Ltd.
  • Title: Sakura's The Girl I've Been Telling You About
  • Premiered: 2001-10-22
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    • Blessed Union of Souls That's The Girl I've Been Telling You About
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  • Comments: Update: Finally the MPEG version is back up because of my Linux machine. October 24th 2002

    Ok, now on to the video itself. I just got my new Sony VAIO laptop friday, and I've been meaning to do this video for weeks. However, it came with fire wire only, and converters for analog signal are expensive. So, I went with a temporary stop-gap measure of purchasing and capturing with Dazzle 80, which has surprisingly worked very well. As, usual, I'm using Adobe Premiere 6.0 (flaunts legal copy). It's the only thing I'll use after four years of training on Premiere. (That's how I got the copy, if you're wondering. It was free. Yes, I am a lucky bastard.) I encoded into MPEG-1, as I'm now beginning to feel DiVX sucks.

    Things to look for:

    The weird round iris shot.
    The transparency.
    The ending scene.
    The credits.

    If you've seen even parts of the series, this should make total sense.

    Ta ta,

    Kionon (Kevin Callahan)

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