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  • Member: Hobo Joe
  • Studio: Ranus Studios
  • Title: Olde Time Vash
  • Premiered: 2004-04-24
  • Category:
  • Song:
    • Curb Your Enthusiasm Frolic
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Well, I knew I had to do one sometime, and I guess that happened last night. I made one of those fun, one night AMVs, and quite frankly, it's surprisingly semi-decent. I had a hell of a lot of fun making it (until the crippling last moments, which I'll get to later).

    This one is a blending of Trigun, featuring Vash at his goofiest, and the ending theme of Larry David's brilliant "Curb Your Enthusiasm" from HBO. The basic premise is that since the song reminds you (i.e. me) of older music, the whole thing is done in sort of a really old movie context- black and white, with scratches, dust, and hairs, and captions instead of spoken words. There ya go.

    Everything in the video was done intentionally, even if it doesn't seem it. For example, the captions may seem to be off on their timing at some points, but believe me, they're not. Keep that in mind. This also includes the audio, intentionally made not-as-good.

    The video was finished at about nine the next morning, but it wasn't premiered for a little bit after that, due to one hell of an adventure with the XviD codec. For some reason, when I went through the final encode (the exact same way I do it every time), it would give me some crap about a faulty encoding once it reached frame 1919. I tried reinstalling it, encoding in several different programs, everything, but it still didn't work. Hence, I was forced to premiere only the MPEG-2 for the time being. So far, I haven't fixed the problem yet. Huh.
    EDIT: Looks like we're stuck with an MPEG-2 as a Local download. Not too bad. However, this results in a small compromise in video quality. Sorry about that.
    Ya know, I've had the DVD boxset of Trigun for coming up on two years now, and I've never finished an AMV of it until now. Odd.

    Anyway, enjoy. Or not. I was bored, cut me some slack. Please? No? Oh well.

    Opinions are always nice.

    UPDATE: There is now a lower-quality, but substantially more compatible version of the video up. It's the MPEG-1 copy.

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