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  • Member: breeman
  • Studio: Breeman AMV
  • Title: Naruto's Home
  • Premiered: 2004-04-23
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  • Song:
    • Dream Theater Home (Radio Edit)
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  • Comments: My third Naruto AMV. This one is a Naruto themed video. I've been wanting to use another Dream Theater song for an AMV for a long time, and once I found the radio edit version of "Home" I knew it would be perfect for Naruto!

    So February vacation, I started my video. When I reached 2:00 into the song, something happened to my computer, and I ended up losing everything I had done on my video. The project files, and most of the footage, were nowhere to be found.

    I recovered the 2:00 preview, and began re-making the video from scratch. It was actually coming out better the second time, because I was noticing small timings I missed the first time.

    A nice original thing I did in this video, was using the Naruto "Seal Swirl" as a flashing clip. I know in some of my videos, I put too many flashing clips, that are just a plain color. But, in this video, I make the symbol flash, and do some pretty cool things with it, like the spinning at 1:52.

    I was originally planning to end the video with Naruto winning his fight with Neji, but as my progress on the video was delayed, new Naruto episodes were coming out, with magnificant footage of Naruto fighting Gaara.

    As raw Naruto episodes are very easy to get when they first go online, I was able to get all the footage I needed rather quickly. I then worked very hard on my video, and finally made it to the part of the song where it switches to the cool instumental part near the end. (4:30).

    All April vacation I worked hard on the ending of the video, getting the timing to be perfect. I was trying to use all the footage I could, and conserve footage because I knew I would need it for the ending of the video. I then overshot my target, and had very little room left to show both the end of the Neji fight, and the end of the Gaara fight.

    To 1. Try out a new effect, and 2. Conveniently finish the video using as much footage as I could, with the limited amount of time left in the song, I combined the two fights showing Naruto's victory into one.

    I made a diagonal bar come on the screen to split the two fights, so they would play at the same time. Then had the bar leave, as I faded out on a clip of Naruto looking serious. I think this is actually my best AMV ending yet!

    All the footage used in this video is raw, without subtitles, or cropping of subtitles, or covering up of subtitles. My other two Naruto AMVs, are cropped. But I wanted to make this video perfect by using all raw footage. It's a good thing I have Naruto DVDs, cause the old raws are impossible to find.

    Here is what Mike Portnoy, the Drummer of Dream Theater himself had to say about the video:

    Hey Jeff,
    That is AWESOME!
    I cannot believe how tight everything was with all of the accents in the music!!!
    Truly incredible! 
    Congrats on a very cool piece!

    Mike Portnoy

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