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  • Member: anneke
  • Studio: Baka Deshi Productions!
  • Title: Her Majesty
  • Premiered: 2004-04-22
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    • Beatles, The Her Majesty
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  • Comments: This video is VERY VERY VERY SHORT! Only 26 seconds. YES that is the length of the song. Darn shortest song I've ever heard, but I felt it really fit for the Prince in RoV. He's such a sweet character and over looked so much in the series. He's wife is a slut, while he seriouslly loves her.
    The video is a character profile about the Queen - Marie Antoniette, just from the Prince's point of view.

    I also thought this video would be a little treat for people to see what DVD quality Rose of Versailles footage looks like. If your not familuar with the series, it can be basically only found in the US as x-generation fansubs. Where the footage is grainy, colors are off, and well the fansubs just look horrid. I would love to hear feedback on people who are only familuar with the fansub video quality vs the DVD quality (I spent alot of money on) for this video. (I have several more Rose of Versailles videos made/coming out soon, this is again just a little taste.)

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