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  • Member: AbsoluteDestiny
  • Studio: Zettai Unmei Anime
  • Title: Childhood's End - The Children Project Alternate Ending
  • Premiered: 2004-04-20
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  • Song:
    • Robert Miles Children
  • Anime:
  • Comments: I was offered the final track of The Children Project and although I didn't want to spend much time on it I did have an idea I wanted to play with.

    When I heard the end of the track "Children" I thought it was pretty dark and serious. So, I had an idea to do something about corruption of childhood and so on and this finally developed into this video which is a macabre look at the intensely creepy way that children are sexualised in anime.

    I thought it would be a pretty interesting ending but realised there would be a chance that the organiser of The Chlidren Project, DoKool, wouldn't really appreciate this being the final message of the video.

    So, to guage reaction I made the video really fast (in an hour or two) and sent a copy to him. I was right - let me explain in his own words.

    " AbsoluteDestiny was the first to work on Part 18, producing an excellent segment. However, his segment was rejected from the final mix. I, as project head, didn't feel it was appropriate material for the finale of the video, and asked him to change a particular scene, which he objected to changing on artistic grounds. I wholeheardly respected his decision, as he (hopefully) understood mine. This was in no way a criticism of AD or his work, and I still consider his Part 18 to be a part of the Children Project. "

    So yeah, it got rejected. For obvious reasons I didn't work on it anymore after the rejection except to add an opening - the video is basically complete but still pretty rough, it's just here as a thing of interest and for completeness really.

    Oh and yes I am aware that I make this look incredibly sick and twisted - the context of the original footage isn't like that at all but the wayI've presented it is pretty morbid perverse and just plain wrong. Well, that's kind of the point - if this doesn't creep you out in any way then maybe you need to readjust your moral compass.

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