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  • Member: JaddziaDax
  • Studio: Katie's Web Sight!! Productions
  • Title: Random acts of magic
  • Premiered: 2004-06-08
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  • Songs:
    • John Williams harry potter theme
    • John Williams Hedwig's Theme
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  • Comments: This is my sixth AMV.
    Please note the date! and you have been WARNED!

    Software Used:
    Amigo DVD ripper (sucks dont get it!!!)
    ULEAD Video Studio 6
    Photo Editing Software (arcsoft??)

    General Crap:
    and no longer on WMM!! I like the fact that ULEAD gives me a cleaner edit than WMM, its nice to have cleaner transitions than my last few AMVs (please note: I do not use ULEAD anymore)

    This is exactly as it says, RANDOM acts of magic, I did try to keep some kind of magic happening in each scene, either that or a magical creature there... but I think that there maybe one or two that doesnt have any magic in it.

    This was a "Study Piece". I was trying to match up movement with the music, and what certain sounds reminded me of imagewise, I think I did a pretty good job with that... I apoligize if my transitions became a little too much, this is also the first time I actually got to work with them cause WMM would shutdown if I even thought about using a transition... but I tried to keep them to a minimum, so they wouldnt be too overwhelming... I do have to admit that this one starts off really slow, but it picks up as it goes....

    And please dont tell me that this is too random... cause its supposed to be random. NO STORY LINE AT ALL!
    I mean it wouldnt be titled "Random Acts of Magic" if it wasnt Random! lol

    I've made better... meh!

    If you really wanna leave an opinion on this vid then feel free to do so... but I have progressed beyond this vid, so any advice you may have to offer might be pointless, but please feel free to tell me if you enjoied it :D Quick Comments always welcome :)

    Quick Comments

    2005-11-07 21:20:21 its very good
    2005-10-19 11:58:41 Well done, but it could've been better



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