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  • Member: BigDude
  • Studio: Ion Studios
  • Title: Short AMVs For Short People - Track 84, Mammals
  • Premiered: 2004-04-19
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    • Black Wild Tribute to the Mammal
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  • Comments: Track 84 for the Short AMVs for Short People Project

    The third track I have done for this project, and this is probably the most interesting of the 3... myabe not the best of, but still interesting.
    I picked up the 4 volume of .hack//Liminality and I found .hack//GIFT on it -- a parody of .hacl//SIGN. This was one of the strangest things I've ever seen... it was all one crazy sex joke at the end, but the creators of this one really did a job of having their fun with it. Heh, no, this video dosent depict the sex joke(s). :P Maybe next time guys.

    After an imspiring/reminding e-mail about the SVFSP project and this nice new shiny DVD in hand, I began my work! Probably about 3 days working on it, 2 days to mostly work out any sync bugs I had... and tada! It was done.
    This was a first attempt at anything semi-funnyesc I have ever done. If you look at my previous videos, they're stated as 'serious' or the like. So I had fun with some image mattes and such, not many... not enough to make me check that evil 'Digital Effects' box anyway... >_> But, I did check the 'Lyp Sync' box! I think I actually did a decent job of lip syncing this time round. But it was easy to do with this anime, because there wasnt much of the tough and lip movement, just jaw flapping to work with. So that made it easy for me.



    Tribute to the Mammal

    Life can be so absurd
    Break it into two separate words
    “Li” is for live stock
    And “Fe” is for feed

    Is this the lifestyle that we need to lead?
    Feed the masses for today!
    Test on the animals ’cause who’s goin’ to say...!


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    DVD Decripter
    DVD2AVI 1.76
    Adobe Premiere 6.5


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    Length: 00:23:01
    Res: 720x480
    Size: 10.4MB
    Format: .avi
    Codec: XviD 1.0


    Thanx for reading, hope you enjoy the video! ^_^

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