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  • Member: aura20
  • Title: Haunted Hack
  • Premiered: 2004-04-19
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    • Mustin Haunted Hell
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  • Comments: It's been awhile but here it is! This video is umm... different. o.o It is supposed to be horror-ish or you might just think its funny because it is complete randomness, hence, i made sure to check the 'other' decription. This video is very long.... so just be patient o.o And yes, there is subliminal messenging about halfway through. Told you it was random XD Oh and it is my longest to date. It is so frikin long it took me over a week to get everything right. I worked on it really hard so if you don't like it, don't say anything, ok? o.o Now... for specifications. Yes, the video is not that good and yes it could have been better. The sound does go kinda... bleh at some times. But hey if i didn't say it you won't know it so i better shutup =X Just blame it on the lousy codecs and compression skills >.o Anyway.... this is my first AMV with digital effects that actually work OMG! And with lip sync that works! =O Yay for Premiere. And yes i did put in such effects as noise and wind so that is NOT the bad video quality o.o Anyway, i think i described this video enough now so yea >.o Anime is all the .hack you can think of and music is 'Haunted Hell' by Mustin. If you dont know who that is, its a guy that makes remixes for video games. *cough* So..... anyway..... are you even reading this? Are you? Well then.... go watch the vid!

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