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  • Member: Atonyk15
  • Studio: Soul-Sector Videos
  • Title: Sasuke Must Die Trailer
  • Premiered: 2004-04-18
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    • Romeo Must Die soundtrack Romeo Must Die Trailer
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  • Comments: *UPDATED 12/01/04*

    Yeah im not too big of a talker on my videos just that after seeing Naruto series i thought of doing a trailer. I searched through all of my dvds and came across romeo must die. So I began to relate Sasuke to the trailers character description and action happening in it. I also tried to incorporate as many other characters as I could without it seeming like it was all random. I also cut out some pointless dialogue which i felt that didnt fit resulting in the trailer to be shorter. This did take me awhile and when I finshed i was really pleased with the results. Although right after I finished and got it up on amv ive been to busy to start any other projects. Now that I dont have football conditioning and football anymore Im free to start on some new projects. Although it will take some time for me to release my next project due to computer reformatting and losing everything I had. Also sorry that I never got my High Quality xvid version up just never had the time really and when I did i forgot about it and ended up reformatting :(. Anyways hope you enjoy it ;)

    And thank you too all who left ops it really helps me when I work on other projects and sorry I havent replied to all of them.

    Your Friendly video editior Tony :)

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