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  • Member: SnhKnives
  • Studio: Destination Skyline Studios
  • Title: Something Better
  • Premiered: 2004-04-17
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    • Hoobastank The Reason
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  • Comments: This video is not necessarily the one that I have put the most time on or spent the most time planning. This video is however my most creative and original video to date. I was able to take a series that most people would consider an action or a comedy and make it totally serious. FLCL to me was overall a very sad series and I wanted to convey that with other people. This video also introduces something completely new from me. This video has 0 of what you may call my known style. Thatís right no after effect (kinda), no later masks, no moving clips. The only after effects I implemented was a hue/sat effect, and the only reason I used that was because AE has a better coloration algorithm than premiere. I believe that this video is my best one to date. It introduces something very new from me and; something I worked very hard on.

    Special Thanks:


    For beta testing my video during the project stages.


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