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  • Member: june
  • Title: Come What May
  • Premiered: 2001-10-20
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    • Moulin Rouge Soundtrack Come What May
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  • Comments: UPDATE - 2004.11.25
    vid has been uploaded to local server. yes june is still alive and thanks everybody who emailed, link-problem-reported, uhh, it made me really happy that people were interested in this vid and wanted to see it~ at the same time i felt really bad coz i was unable to put it back up when it became undownloadable. a lot of other crap took priority in my life and i had to sort things out for a while... sorry about that *japanese bow* anyways! vid has been uploaded to local server! :p

    a couple (actually quite a lot) of people had problems with the audio way back then -- no audio, echoey audio, staticky audio -- it's coz i used an mp3 codec i think. i could re-encode the thingy but i'd have to do it with the present .mpg file coz i lost the source files and etc (hard disk crash) and that would decrease the quality right? maybe installing that codec i used would work? i don't remember what exactly it was though~ gawd i am so awful with technical stuff. help/advice would be appreciated :)

    so if you're not on a high speed connection (like me -- i'm on dialup peoples!) you may not want to risk it, or you might want to use getright or something to download a portion of it to check.

    adiamante for hosting the video even though it was a short period of time. thank you!
    my friend ig for uploading the video to the local server (like i said~ i'm not on broadband :p)
    everyone! thanks for your interest~ enjoy the video :D

    this is bad news for everyone who doesn't like ffviii. yet another ffviii video? but you have to admit it has staying power considering it's been over two years since it was released and people are still making videos of it :)

    so, here's the greatest love story, set to the greatest love song (well, in my opinion at least).

    you know the song is about love overcoming all obstacles, etc etc, but it also carries a little tinge of sadness (watch moulin rouge and you'll know why) and i hope the vid expresses that. i mean, like, both squall & rinoa were so close to not making it on many occasions. so it's really fate that got them together in the end. erm! what am i talking about. whatever. watch the video.

    i stuck quite closely to the lyrics and tried to use as few random clips as possible. there's one real obvious one at the line "everyday i love you more and more"...i had no clips to use. i also tried to use as few overused clips as possible. but that really didn't work out :p

    what else? the opening sentence "times... places... people i want to be with" *was* said by rinoa (when they're in the time compressed world and trying to get back), so don't think i pulled it outta nowhere.

    there's this accidental thingy where there was a "gunshot" sound just when irvine is shooting the butterfly. complete fluke, not planned at all, very cool.

    no fancy transitions or effects... i'm still a newbie. i'm not good at this! so please be lenient if you're giving opinions. well...please give opinions in the first place!

    that said, i've learnt how hard it can be to make a really good thingy that you can be proud of. very very difficult. so to all the experts out there, i have nothing but respect for you guys... there was this 5 second crescendo bit before the last chorus and i was putting nine little clips in sync with the music...took me about 4-5 hrs. argh.

    made with: adobe premiere 6
    time taken: 2 weeks (incl. planning :p)

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