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  • Member: jade_eyed_angel
  • Studio: Soul Anime Studios
  • Title: Only you, Sango
  • Premiered: 2004-04-16
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    • Evanescense Forgive Me
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  • Comments: Whee my first Sango/Miroku vid! I've been planning one for a while, wanted to make one for even longer... anyway... wow another Evanescence song.. lol... thats 5 now, I think... *obsessed* lmao. Anyway, I was originally gonna use this song for an Inu/Kag vid in Kagome's pov, then I changed it to Inu's pov, and then I decided it would work better as a San/Mir vid, so that's what it is now in Miroku's pov. Lolz... it took some time to make this, and it was kind of hard to get footage since my friend has almost all of my episodes and my stupid self didn't think of getting any San/Mir footage except maybe one scene from them before I gave them to my friend, so most of the footage is from episodes after 102, which are the only ones I have left. *sad* But it was still fun to make... lol anyway, so this does have some spoilers. But if anyone hasn't seen past episode 52, that wedding thing in Kagome's time is just Kagome's imagination... lol. The title is me warping the title of one of the episodes ("Aiming for Sano, only you!" but that might not be the actual name, since the subs i have seriously suck... I mean they've translated Kagome's name into things like Kagomae, Kaggo, Kanno, Gewei, Gewen.... I know there were more weird ones... lol). There's some lip sync in this, not a lot tho. I dunno if it's even enough to rate. Anyways, please leave opinions! :-D

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