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  • Member: CraktSmurf
  • Title: Tetsuo's Downfall
  • Premiered: 2004-04-15
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  • Song:
    • Scars of Life Descending
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  • Comments: Tetsuo's downfall.

    When i first heard the song, it hit me that the darkness and lyrics in the song matched
    the pain, anger and confusion of Tetsuo as he dealt with his growing psychic abilities.
    As the video progresses we see the resenment Tetsuo has for his closest freind Kaneda
    and always felt like he was the one that was always pushed around and always needed saving.
    With his new powers Tetsuo unleashes an onslaught of terror leaving only blood and death
    in his wake while within his mind he is fighting a battle of his own where he struggles to
    keep his growing power under control. Through the lyrics of the song we see both battles
    fought and the final conclusion at the end of the video.
    Special thanks to Bote for helping me with ideas and showing me how to make certain effects
    which would not be in the video if not for him. Cheers.

    Iím descending, into you

    Feels like, dry hands, tearing me inside out
    It all is burning
    I cant, breathe anymore, too much to push away
    I tell you how you make me feel and you just look away
    And I donít know how much more of you that I can take

    As it hits me
    Wake me before its over
    I feel gone
    Thereís nothing I can do
    Then you tell me
    Its over and walk off
    On your own
    Iím descending into you

    All I hear is, screaming, inside and out
    My head, just canít take this
    It feels like I dont exsist in this world you've made
    The look of disgust on your face whenever Iím near you
    Scratch the surface of me is all you'll ever do

    Your all I've ever known
    To hard to just look away
    Put out all I have shown
    As I watch you throw it away

    Iím descending, into you

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