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  • Member: UncleMilo
  • Studio: Cosmic Mule Studio
  • Title: Flash Before Your Eyes
  • Premiered: 2002-01-12
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  • Song:
    • Eels Last Stop This Town
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  • Comments: This video is an experimental one and I was happy that I was able to complete it. The entire video goes backwards and touches on most of the episodes in reverse chronological order. It was hard to do because everytime I picked a scene it blocked off any scenes after the one edited in. It took me a lot of work to get through it... and no matter what reviews it gets, I am satisfied I even did it.

    This is my fourth video!

    The video starts right off with MAJOR SPOILERS and so there is a warning at the beginning.

    I wanted to add a comment, because a lot of people have asked me if the movie "Memento" inspired the video. While I think "Memento" is a wonderful movie and that everyone should see it... it was not what made this video possible.

    I got the idea for the video from the very first lyric of the song. However... running the footage backwards was an idea I came up with a little later. I had always intended to make the video in reverse chronological order... but there was something about the sound effects in the song that made me think... "why not thread the footage in reverse as well?" I was worried it wouldn't work... and it was tricky thinking in reverse when selecting my clips.

    While I don't make AMVs to get awards, I am pleased that has recieved one.

    WINNER! Best Video Ohayo Con 2002!!

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