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  • Member: SeattleOtaku
  • Title: Promises in the Dark
  • Premiered: 2004-04-19
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    • Pat Benatar Promises in the Dark
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  • Comments: A favorite movie, and a favorite song--both classics, and both about passion and heartbreak. What better match for a first AMV, ne?

    From the time I first saw "Arcadia of My Youth" back on an imported Japanese LD (without subtitles), I've not been able to listen to this song and *not* think of Harlock and Maya, with a couple memories of Emeraldas thrown in. So when the domestic DVD was released, it was time to dig through my music stacks for the song and try my hand at making a video and getting the timing right, since the key scenes were already planned out (always tough to think of guitar solo clips, though).

    I didn't try lip synching intentionally, but there are a few times that a chosen scene (maybe stretched/cut for length, but not for lipsynching) just happened to match with the words fairly closely -- it just looks strange to have a couple males with Pat Benatar's voice. Only the standard cuts, speedups, slowdowns, and a couple cross-fades, so no extra effects in this one, either.

    Spoiler alert for the fates of Harlock, Maya, Emeraldas, and the 2nd-in-command alien Earth conquerer. More dramatic than violent, but there's blood in a couple places, too.

    Anime: "Arcadia of My Youth" (1982)
    Music: Pat Benatar, "Promises in the Dark" (1981)
    Software: Ulead Video Studio 7

    A note to the purists (like me at times): the ship scenes during the solo actually appear after the scenes at the end of the video, but the "launch" scenes (not in this video) occur before the new uniform is revealed/worn. Knowing I wanted an action-based ship portion for the solo, I took a gamble... A similar time warp happened as the song changes from ballad to rocker at the end of the first chorus (what happens to Maya there is in a different part of the timeline, but I think it worked better for the audio transition).

    Of course, focusing on Harlock and Maya's relationship for this video meant dropping quite a lot of side plots (I don't follow up on the Harlock/Tokargan promise, for example), and maybe that's why I'm never fully satisfied with parts of this. But it's in the can and ready to sail the Sea of Stars on its own.

    The participation at SakuraCon 2004 was as a video-room filler disk (those occasional few minutes beween shows). I was too late for the contest and, being a video room staffer myself, may have been disqualified anyway (turns out here was supposed to be a Staff category but they got mixed in with others).

    Downloadable version is 352x240 (VCD) mpg for compatability, etc.; anything I'd send on to contests would be the 720x480 (DVD) mpg or HuffYUV avi (both too large for local download here, but less artifacting when black-sleeve meets white suitcase or dress, for example).

    Please let me know what you think; I can take it... :)

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