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  • Member: MangaPunkSai
  • Title: Ultimate Anime Conversion Video #1
  • Premiered: 2004-04-13
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    • Dragon Ash Freedom of Expression
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  • Comments: For some reason the multiple anime selection didn't work. This video includes: FLCL, Mahou Tsukai Tai, Ah! My Goddess (Movie), Card Captor Sakura, AND Haibane Renmei

    This is my latest video, the start to a weird series of videos I had an idea for: The Ultimate Anime Conversion Video. A Video... with a DEVINE PURPOSE!

    Okay, lemme lay it down for you: This video is meant to be utilized to either convert your friends to anime fandom, or prove to your friends anime is good. And by the end of it they at least have to admit the VIDEO was cool.

    Originally I wanted to do them all to fast-paced techno, but I just fell in love with the song "Freedom of Expression" by Dragon Ash and decided I'd make the first Conversion video to it. The song, I know, is about freedom of expression in music. But to me, art and music are closely intertwined, and hey where are they more intertwined than in AMVs?

    The series I used don't seem to have to have that much in common, but their selection is intentional. They're all free-spirited and are about magical/weird things happening in everyday settings. I also only noticed when I finished the vid that there is alot of flying and wings in this video. Perhaps it was subconcious on my part, but whats more free than flight?

    I will be making more of this series of vids in the future, I hope, I just don't have the time to do vids I once had. Ironically my time for vid-making is condensed as soon as I get my vids online e_e.

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